As young South African artist and winner of the 2013 Standard Bank Young Artist Award, Mary Sibande recently stated: “ART SHOULD HAVE A PURPOSE, IT SHOULD TEACH

An important objective for Essentially Art will be giving back to the South African community, and trying to use art as a means to help inspire, to offer a tool to communicate our most inner emotions – and ultimately to educate and teach. We have selected to work with URBANVEST FOUNDATION in this effort to assist in the development of young people who are at a disadvantage so they may realize their latent potential.

Urbanvest Foundation, a non‐profit company, registered by Urbanvest Properties - a housing company specializing in the needs of urbanites. Initially the activities of Urbanvest Foundation covered from food gardens through funding of studies and the distribution of food parcels to counseling. Dr. Annali Swanepoel, the CEO, realized the need for a specialist therapeutic safe house as she counseled young victims of abuse across Pretoria and its § of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. The innovative program adopted proved immensely successful in leading the way to recovery for the girls.

The house is situated in the inner city of Pretoria, at 343 Jacob Mare Street. It can accommodate 15 girls. Since inception to date, we have made an immense difference in the lives of more than 22 girls. The house is run by a team of two house parents. The therapeutic program is implemented by a team of therapists.