Jaco du Toit Gelderblom of Essentially Art


Essentially Art was established in 2012 and was founded by Jaco du Toit Gelderblom. Having spent most of his adult life in Europe and the USA, Jaco always found his way back to his roots in South Africa. It was during his time in New York that he found inspiration and creativity in the ample art and culture offerings in this global capital. He soon realized that the wonderful amalgamation of culture, creativity and intense history of South Africa has so much to offer, and till today does not receive the credit it deserves.

Essentially Art is a product of personal passion, an eye for beautiful honest creations, and an intense pride and love for South Africa and it’s people.

.CO.ZA – Essentially Art, while not based in South Africa, will source our resources as much a possible from and in South Africa. This includes social media providers; designers and of course our wonderful portfolio of established and emerging artists from the country that they call the Rainbow Nation for a reason.

Mission: To provide an innovative platform, showcasing and connecting established and emerging South African artists to the global art market,
offering a sustainable value creation to our customers; the development of South Africa and it’s people, and our stakeholders.